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Finn Valley FM link This is an archive of broadcasts of my Finn Valley Communities show which I host on Finn Valley FM on Saturdays where I talk to people and groups from the general Finn Valley area about community activities in which they are involved. The Finn Valley area is not clearly defined but can be loosely thought of as the area within an approximate radius of 15 miles/25 km around Castlefinn, Co. Donegal where the station is based. Although this mostly consists of East Donegal and parts of Counties Tyrone and Derry, the station also covers activities further afield which may be of interest to listeners in the more immediate area.

You can play a show by double clicking it in the list or single click to select it and then use the Play Button.

You can search for a particular show by entering text into the Search box; this will search subject and guests; entering a partial date in the same format as the table e.g. first 3 letters of month, will also show matching shows. Clear the search by deleting the text in the Search box.

If you are involved with a local group involved in community or charitable activities and would like to have your activity promoted on the show in the upcoming season, please contact the station through its Facebook page or send details to me using the form on my Contact Me page.

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Avail Date Subject Guests Filename
16 Mar 2019 Sion Mills Buildings Preservation Trust Celia Ferguson 2019-03-16.mp3
02 Mar 2019 Employment Law Reforms Alan Hickey (Peninsula Ireland) 2019-03-02.mp3
26 Jan 2019 Castlederg Women’s Institute Elsie Loughlin, Iris Adams 2019-01-26.mp3
05 Jan 2019 Extern NI – 3rd Stage Project Ken Keane 2019-01-05.mp3
08 Dec 2018 Ballymongan and Shanaghey Mummers Michael Hegarty and Others 2018-12-08.mp3
10 Nov 2018 Christmas in the Twin Towns Leah Fairman (Base Enterprise Centre) 2018-11-10.mp3
25 Aug 2018 Lyme Disease Donegal Branch Nicola Allen 2018-08-25.mp3
18 Aug 2018 50 Years of Fund Raising Margaret Wilkie 2018-08-18.mp3
11 Aug 2018 Cross Border Friends of Cuan Mhuire Christopher and Frankie 2018-08-11.mp3
04 Aug 2018 Extern Danny Bryce 2018-08-04.mp3
07 Jul 2018 Gardening in Heatwave John Gallinagh 2018-07-07.mp3
30 Jun 2018 Aussie Bryson - Memories Aussie Bryson 2018-06-30.mp3
23 Jun 2018 Ventures II Karate Club, Strabane Paddy O'Kane, Sean O'Neill, Laura McCurdy 2018-06-23.mp3
16 Jun 2018 Koram Centre, Strabane Wenda Graham, Roisin Richmond 2018-06-16.mp3
09 Jun 2018 Strabane History Society Johnny Dooher 2018-06-09.mp3
02 Jun 2018 Arthritis Ireland - Donegal Branch Tilly Hyndman, Aisling Kelly 2018-06-02.mp3
02 Jun 2018 Castlefinn & District History Club Kevin Monaghan 2018-06-02a.mp3
26 May 2018 Youthscape Breege McDonald 2018-05-26.mp3
19 May 2018 NW Women in Farming Hannah McNelis, Donna Maskery 2018-05-19.mp3
12 May 2018 Oakfield Park David Fisher 2018-05-12.mp3
05 May 2018 Music To Your Ears (Are You Going for Another Mineral?) John McGinley 2018-05-05.mp3
28 Apr 2018 Twin Towns Community Gardens Gerry Mongan, Michael Rowan 2018-04-28.mp3
21 Apr 2018 Strive Cross Border Cross Community Programme Niall Blee, Leanne Harte, Katie 2018-04-21.mp3
14 Apr 2018 Michael Lafferty Michael Lafferty 2018-04-14.mp3
07 Apr 2018 Irish Wheelchair Association - Community Services Orla Dorrian 2018-04-07.mp3
31 Mar 2018 Convoy Ladies Group Joanne Wright 2018-03-31.mp3
24 Mar 2018 Finn Valley Ploughing Association Donal Deeney, Herbie Stevenson 2018-03-24.mp3
17 Mar 2018 St Patrick - the Man Fr. Oliver Crilly 2018-03-17.mp3
10 Mar 2018 Show cancelled 2018-03-10.mp3
03 Mar 2018 No guest - music & talk only 2018-03-03.mp3
24 Feb 2018 Save St Joseph's Hospital Committee Fr. John Joe Duffy 2018-02-24.mp3
17 Feb 2018 Butt Drama Circle Kathleen McGowan 2018-02-17.mp3
10 Feb 2018 Donegal East Tourism Cronan Scanlon 2018-02-10.mp3
03 Feb 2018 Old Lifford Courthouse Gillian Graham 2018-02-03.mp3
27 Jan 2018 Donegal Carers Association Ann Strain 2018-01-27.mp3
20 Jan 2018 Raphoe Historical Society Conor Porter, Martin Laird 2018-01-20.mp3
13 Jan 2018 Clady Cross Community Development Association Eamon Lafferty 2018-01-13.mp3
06 Jan 2018 Finn Valley Men's Operation Transformation Mary Holmes 2018-01-06.mp3
16 Dec 2017 Clonleigh Camera Club Gerry Rush, Eilish Rush 2017-12-16.mp3
09 Dec 2017 Ulster Project John Doherty 2017-12-09.mp3
02 Dec 2017 Alzheimers Cafe, Lifford Brenda McConnell, Catriona Gallagher 2017-12-02.mp3
25 Nov 2017 Three Rivers Shotakan Karate Club Marty Crawford 2017-11-25.mp3
18 Nov 2017 Gateway Writers Group, Lifford Collette Bonner 2017-11-18.mp3
10 Nov 2017 Premature Babies Association Nora Gallagher, Martin Gallagher 2017-11-10.mp3
04 Nov 2017 Irish Wheelchair Association Orla Dorrian, Mary McGrenra 2017-11-04.mp3
21 Oct 2017 No guest - music & talk only 2017-10-21.mp3
14 Oct 2017 Castlefinn Tidy Towns Mary Killen 2017-10-14.mp3
07 Oct 2017 Raphoe Scouts (part recording only) Teresa Doherty, Grainne Coyle, Eleanor Duffy, Jessica Duffy 2017-10-07.mp3
15 Jul 2017 Finn Harps Aidan Campbell, Kathy Taafe 2017-07-15.mp3
08 Jul 2017 Fiach Arts Circle Ballybofey Charlotte Brady, Veronica Maguire 2017-07-08.mp3
01 Jul 2017 Castlefinn Social Services Roisin Mc Nulty, Herbie Stevenson 2017-07-01.mp3
24 Jun 2017 Setanta Hurling Club-Killygordon Jason Ewing 2017-06-24.mp3
17 Jun 2017 Finn Valley Health Forum Kathleen Mc Garrigle 2017-06-17.mp3
10 Jun 2017 Castlefinn Over 50's Club Breige Stevenson 2017-06-10.mp3
03 Jun 2017 Lifford Clonleigh Resource Centre Brid Foley 2017-06-03.mp3
27 May 2017 Border Arts & Killeter and District Development Trust Gordon Speer 2017-05-27.mp3
20 May 2017 Eclipse Cinemas, Lifford Terence Lafferty 2017-05-20.mp3
13 May 2017 Old St. Mary's Church Project & One Voice Choir Brid McGrenra, Rachel McCready, One Voice Choir, Liam McColgan 2017-05-13.mp3
06 May 2017 Befriending Project Sarah Breslin 2017-05-06.mp3
29 Apr 2017 Convoy Community & Environmental Committee Liam Mailey, John Toner 2017-04-29.mp3
22 Apr 2017 Glenfinn Area Council John Gallagher 2017-04-22.mp3
15 Apr 2017 Castlefinn Community Childcare Niamh 2017-04-15.mp3
08 Apr 2017 School of Drama Zara Holmes 2017-04-08.mp3
25 Feb 2017 Finn Valley FM Pat Burns, Eamon McIntyre 2017-02-25.mp3
18 Feb 2017 3 Rivers Badminton Maxine McCreary 2017-02-18.mp3
11 Feb 2017 Lifford Youth Reach Aidan Callaghan, Ryan , Rachel 2017-02-11.mp3
04 Feb 2017 Donegal Hospice Fundraiser Dessie Dolan 2017-02-04.mp3
28 Jan 2017 Three Rivers Badminton Club Killygordon Maxine McCreary, John Hunter, Wesley Knox 2017-01-28.mp3
21 Jan 2017 Odds and Ends Drama Group, Lifford Patsy O'Hagan, Kathleen Kelly, Delia Palmer 2017-01-21.mp3
14 Jan 2017 Finn Valley Men's Operation Transformation Mary Holmes 2017-01-14.mp3
17 Dec 2016 Ballybofey  & Stranorlar Credit Union Celine Friel 2016-12-17.mp3
10 Dec 2016 Pat Gillespie Pat Gillespie 2016-12-10.mp3
03 Dec 2016 St. Vincent de Paul Mary Killen, Rosa Glacken 2016-12-03.mp3
26 Nov 2016 The Fire Service Glenn Hamilton 2016-11-26.mp3
19 Nov 2016 Alzheimer's Association Etta Wilkie, Alastair McKinney 2016-11-19.mp3
12 Nov 2016 St Johnston & Carrigans Resource Centre Mary Crossan 2016-11-12.mp3
05 Nov 2016 Old Strabane Memories Sean Crawford 2016-11-05.mp3
29 Oct 2016 Ruby Druce Ruby Druce 2016-10-29.mp3
22 Oct 2016 Donegal Diabetic Branch Gerard Gallagher 2016-10-22.mp3
15 Oct 2016 Twin Towns Lost & Found Dogs Doreen Russell 2016-10-15.mp3
08 Oct 2016 Irish Countrywomen Assoc Louise Taylor 2016-10-08.mp3
01 Oct 2016 Castlefinn Tidy Towns Kevin McCroary 2016-10-01.mp3
24 Sep 2016 Castlefinn Celtic Club Seamus Kee 2016-09-24.mp3
17 Sep 2016 Living Links Association Tina Quigley 2016-09-17.mp3
10 Sep 2016 Whitecross Vintage Association Derek Long 2016-09-10.mp3